FinnSnack Oy

FinnSnack is a bakery that brings together healthy ingredients, great flavour and traditional baking techniques.

Pure nordic taste, made with care in genuine brick ovens.

It all began with a brick oven


Baking in a brick oven goes back to the historical origins of baking itself.

The father of the FinnSnack CEO, Kauko Koivisto, made his life’s work creating exquisite brick ovens across Finland. During his life, he made over 500 ovens in various bakeries across the country. Though many have since been replaced by newer, more efficient ovens, we know you cannot replace the deep flavour that comes from the soft heat of a brick oven.

Two-fold baking

Generational legacy has reached its peak in our 18 meter long brick ovens, which have been designed to meet today’s ecological requirements. Our ovens have the air-flow and humidity distinct to good brick ovens, where the oven itself absorbs some of the steam released by the bread during the baking process and slowly returns it.

Our products are baked or roasted twice in the oven – a unique baking process that guarantees crispy texture filled with flavour. For us, taste is everything.


From Nordic nature


We aim to use only  Finnish ingredients. Mellow seabreeze and soft summer sun gives growth to the crops we use to give our products their deep, rich flavour.

Grown in fields far from pollution or traffic, with cold winters giving pests a hard a time, we can safely say our raw-materials are amongst the best and purest in the world. There are cheaper options available, but we want to use the best. And we hope, so do you.

Finnsnack Oy

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