Rye Scoops

FinnSnack is a bakery that brings together healthy ingredients, great flavour and traditional baking techniques.

Pure nordic taste, made with care in genuine brick ovens.

The Happiness Is In The Rye


100% Whole Grain and Organic Rye Scoops, baked and roasted in the brick oven with improved tastes and new trendy flavors, increasing awareness of American consumer towards healthy foods are some of the major factors driving the company’s successful market growth.

Additionally, aged nutrition, childhood obesity and diabetes in the United States are also anticipated to drive the demand for whole grains and high fiber foods like Rye Scoops.

Inspired By Nordic Nature

Innovations have always been important to FinnSnack bakery operations.
FinnSnack’s ovens have the air-flow and humidity distinct to good brick-ovens, where the oven itself absorbs some of the steam released by Rye Scoops during the baking process and slowly returns it.

The ovens are designed to meet today’s ecological requirements and demand with a high capacity for tens of thousands or Rye Scoops in no time. Our products are baked and roasted twice in the ovens - a unique baking process that guarantees crispy texture and scoop-shaped with the hearty flavor from the soft heat of a brick-oven.

Rye Nature

The background

Rye Scoops

Baking whole grain bread in a masonry oven, known as a brick-oven goes back to historical origins of baking itself. High Fiber Rye Scoops with various flavors are a newly discovered pleasure for health conscious enthusiasts in the U.S.

Mr. Kauko Koivisto, the founder of family-owned FinnSnack Company, made his career of life by creating over 500 exquisite brick-ovens for the bakeries in Finland. The private company has been in the bakery since 1956 and now its products are widely available in the U.S. and all over in Europe.

Finland is the happiest country in the world by UN 2018 World Happiness Report

FinnSnack follows the national and Nordic nutritional recommendations and regulations in the U.S and Europe. We continuously improve our products, use high-quality certified organic ingredients and engage in an open dialogue on nutrition. Our aim is that healthy choices made every day offer delicious taste sensations.

Healthy people are happy people. What comes to really taste and healthy Rye Scoops, FinnSnack is simply leading the way in baking it.

Happy Rye Scoops

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